For over a decade, Oryon has dedicated his life to study, practice and teach various tools for personal development. He studied various methods of energetical and physical healing as well as modern psychology, coaching, therapy and Kabbalah.
In the last few years, all of this knowledge and experience has naturally combined into a new method called “Elevate your life!”

Elevate your life! Combines practical & powerful tools from the coaching world with many alternative and spiritual tools to enlighten people with their soul purpose and with the universe around us. All of it together directing us to a life full of purpose, meaning, success and abundance.

What people say

“Oryon has the gift to guide us through our blind spots while transfering clarity and presence about ourselves.”

Júlia Prado, Artist

“Oryon is a great guide and extremely knowledgeable in every subject and issue we touch. The results are amazing and Today I feel like there is no limit to anything in life!”

Valdis Arnorsdottir, Makeup Artist

“Oryon is an amazing coach! He has a lot of knowledge covering all important areas in life, business and personal matters, while having the ability to pass it on in an easily and understandable way.”

Petra Lödige, Co-founder/CEO at Sunline GmbH

“Oryon created a deep foundation of all the “ins” and “outs” of the road to success and finding & living your life purpose.”

Rishan te Voortwis, Raw food and body therapist

“Oryon’s enthusiasm and ability to express his knowledge is incredible. His unique ability to combine all the best real life strategies and techniques with the most powerful spiritual values is priceless.”

Timotej Valentin Rojko, Founder at

The Path

“I was fascinated about the spiritual world and different aspects of personal development since I was a teenager. In my own personal quest, I started traveling the world seeking enlightenment when I was only 18. I met dozens of teachers, philosophies and different kinds of workshops. In 2005, I decided to go to India on a one-way journey until I would find the Enlightenment I seek. On my way to the Himalayas, a rare autoimmune disease have developed in my body and knocked me into a wheelchair. I have spent three months in a rehabilitation center learning to walk again. This is when I realized I was called to change my direction in life.
I stopped chasing after God and decided to commit myself to the people instead…”

The Work

For the last few years, Oryon helped people, businesses and organizations to find their authentic place in the world.
“I believe finding your life purpose is one of the main keys for transformation and success in all areas of life. When we know our life purpose (or the purpose of our organization or business) everything becomes crystal clear – we understand how our life story with all the ups and downs prepared us for this purpose, we discover new levels of energy and motivation and take an active role in writing the story of our lives”

“Until this day, I had the honor to serve and support the growth process of clients around the globe – from teenagers to seniors, entrepreneurs to educators, soldiers and CEOs. I have also supported 6 natural births so far and have accompanied several people in their passage out of this life. My passion and life purpose is to coach others to unleash their full potential and power at any moment in life, discover their life purpose and live in abundance.

As your coach and guide, I will be there not only to help you take your life to the next level, but to make sure you are equipped with cutting-edge tools and high consciousness.”

My Gratitude

Living in constant gratitude is one of my daily life practices that help me maintain and achieve the level of abundance that I live in.
I wouldn’t be where i am today without a few teachers whom knowledge and presence changed my life.
This is the right place to share my gratitude for them:

  • Eli Shavit – The man that can turn any person into a successful entrepreneur.
    The one that really made me understand that “life is not about what we know, it’s about what we do with what we know.”
  • Abraham Hicks (Jerry & Esther Hicks) – The best teachings for the laws of the universe, the law of attraction and manifesting your own reality.
  • The Kabbalah Centre – Doing the profound work of spreading the knowledge and wisdom of the Kabbalah around the world.
  • Brendon Burchard – The master of training experts and wrapping any knowledge into a high value product.
  • Anthony Robbins – The father of coaching and life changing interventions on stage.
  • My wife Maya – The best therapist and healer i have met in my life and an amazing expert in chinese medicine.
    Without her support and encouragement I would not be where i am today. Thank you love :)

Of course there are many more people i could share my gratitude with:
My close family, my friends and other teachers around the world, I love you all!
And finally i want to give my thanks to you, my audience. My private clients and my business clients from around the world.
I wish us all a lot of success, abundance and happiness!

Family life

Oryon’s passion and commitment to help people understand their life purpose and their full potential is outmatched only by his passion and dedication for his family. Together with his beloved wife Maya and their two kids, they share their time between their main house in Alto Paraiso, Brazil, and travelling around the country and the world to see friends and family and to share their work.