Fly High

Fly high is a journey that combines body and soul, heaven and earth. A unique vacation in the land of crystals and waterfalls that will nourish you on the deepest possible levels.

With sparkles of healing, adventure and many treats and surprises, it will take you out of your routine, into a magical space of nourishment, rejuvenation, relaxation and joy.

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The Journey to High Paradise

The journey of Fly-High takes place in and around the beautiful town of Alto Paraíso (High Paradise). Alto Paraíso, a far-out wonderland in the middle of the Brazilian savannah, is a veritable mecca for spiritual seekers and eco-tourism, as well as being Brazil’s newest undiscovered hot spot. The area is also one of the world’s most biologically rich ecosystems.

During your vacation with Fly-High, you will be able to experience the best of the best from what this high paradise has to offer:

Water & Air

One of the main draws of this place is the spectacular diversity of its natural environment including exotic wildlife, clean and fresh air and several of the best and most beautiful waterfalls in Brazil. Here you can find some of the last 3% clean sweet water in the planet.

During our journey, we will visit some of the best waterfalls Alto can offer, many of them flowing into river pools that are warm enough to swim in and clean enough to drink from.

Eco-tourism & Adventure

The magical landscapes of Alto Paraíso are of the kind that makes you want to move, explore, and adventure yourself. Whether it is a hike in the national park, horseback riding on the “cerrado” or a few more extreme activities, Eco-tourism is definitely the way to go around here.

In this journey with Fly-High, you will get to participate in active adventures such as:
Canopying – Hiking a 40-feet high adventure trail between the treetops.
Zip-lining 350 feet above the ground over 3000 feet between mountaintops.
Rappelling 150 feet down through the waterfall.
And many more.

Spirituality, Energy and Healing

Alto Paraíso is also known around the world as the spiritual capital of the third millennium. What makes it such a unique place is the variety of cultures and spiritual paths coexisting in one small town. Among them are healers, shamans, therapists, churches, SPAs, communities, etc… All of this is empowered by the biggest crystal bed spread under the surface.

With Fly-High, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the best healers and therapists around and enjoy different kinds of rejuvenating healing processes.


Another great treat Alto Paraíso has to offer is its unique culinary experience. Here, locally grown organic food is really easy to find as its part of most people’s common daily life ideology. This creates a vast variety of vegetarian, vegan and organic gastronomic experiences including “super foods” such as Açaí, Jaca fruit, Baru nuts and many others.

During your stay, you will get to visit a local organic chocolate factory, a local honey maker, enjoy Açai bowls and many other nourishing and tasty experiences.

The Crystal Land

The region’s geology also comes with the requisite mystical component: Just beneath the soil is the world’s largest crystal bed, allegedly so luminous that it’s visible from outer space. It is believed that the huge geological layer of quartz crystal underground acts as a magnifying glass that can accelerate any healing or transformation process.

Together we will get to visit the best crystal shops around as well as experiencing their energy in different ways.

Nature & Wildlife

Another element Alto Paraíso has to share with us is its exuberant natural environment and wildlife. Where else in the world can you find Araras, Toucans and parrots flying over your head several times a day? The hummingbirds remind us the sweetness in life and if you get lucky, you will share a mango with a “Mico”, the miniature monkeys. Here you will understand how colorful life can be.

With its spectacular view across the wildly beautiful and unspoiled surroundings with hundreds of waterfalls, the cleanest air and the purest water on the planet, Alto Paraíso could be Brazil’s best-kept secret.

It’s hard not to stay in awe to the beauty of life when you sit next to the crystal clear water of a 40-foot waterfall that you have all for yourself while you’re eating a perfectly ripe mango that you’ve just found next to the stream as a wild toucan watches you from the tree’s branch.

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The Fly-High Experience

This journey will be a transformative, magical time that will take you off the beaten path and into the most spectacular beauty. You will enjoy the best of a Brazilian vacation while practicing Yoga next to a water stream, wash your body and soul in the waterfalls, conquer your fears as you zip-line 350 feet above the ground and nourish your body with acupuncture and SPA treatments.

Lets take a look at what you will experience during your journey with Fly-High:

Daily visits to different waterfalls Daily yoga sessions Hiking in the National Park
2-3 professional adventure excursions Mind-body empowering activities Therapy in the hot springs
Live music Purifying water ceremonies Group acupuncture
Reiki circles Lectures for alternative self healing Group massages
A variety of gastronomic experiences Crystal shops Saturday market
A visit to the organic chocolate factory A visit to the local SPA And much more…

The Daily Schedule
Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to great places, you’re off and away.





  • Transportation from Brasilia Airport (BSB) to Alto Paraiso.
  • Arrival in Pousada São Bento and check in.
  • Lunch in the fazenda.
  • First visit to the São Bento waterfall.
  • Yoga Session.
  • Dinner.
  • Evening activity – Opening Circle.





  • Breakfast.
  • Vale da Lua waterfall (the moon valley).
  • Yoga Session in the waterfall.
  • Acupuncture and healing in the waterfall.
  • Lunch in the village of São Jorge.
  • Hot springs therapy at Eden Garden springs.
  • Dinner.
  • Relaxing evening with fire and stars.
  • Options for private healing sessions.





  • Morning yoga session.
  • Breakfast.
  • Zip-line adventure excursion.
  • Almécegas II waterfall.
  • Lunch.
Afternoon in town:
  • SPA.
  • Shopping, crystals and local art.
  • Dinner.
  • Oasis night club (for those interested).





  • Breakfast.
  • Saturday market.
  • Loquinhas waterfall.
  • Lunch.
  • The Fly-High event – Yoga + live music + acupuncture.
  • Dinner.
  • Free evening.





  • Breakfast.
  • Hiking in the national park.
  • National park waterfalls.
  • Yoga in the national park.
  • Light lunch in the park.
  • Visit to the village of São Jorge.
  • Special “superfoods” dinner.
  • Evening activity.





  • Breakfast.
  • Special day in Cristais waterfall.
  • Yoga in the waterfall.
  • Lunch in the waterfall.
  • Healing sessions in the waterfall.
  • SPA (for those interested).
  • Dinner in town.
  • Evening in town.





  • Breakfast.
  • Almécegas waterfall.
  • Rappelling adventure excursion in the waterfall.
  • Lunch.
  • Free time.
  • Options for private healing sessions.
  • The Fly-High event – Yoga + live music + acupuncture.
  • Dinner.





  • Breakfast.
  • Poço encantado Waterfall.
  • Lunch at Italian restaurant.
  • Packing and checking out.
  • Closing circle.
  • Early dinner.
  • Goodbye kisses and hugs.
  • Transportation back to Brasilia Airport (BSB).
  • Night flight back.

The Healing Experience

One of the main goals of our journey is to provide a profound healing experience during your stay in paradise. Most people who visit Alto Paraíso can tell you that this place by itself has unique healing powers, and we want to make sure you get the best of it.

The standard Fly-High journey includes and integrates Yoga, Therapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Cleansing ceremonies and a few short lectures.

The entire journey is guided by Oryon and Maya, the founders and owners of the local healing center “Casa de Cura” and both of them are well experienced experts at their respective fields of healing and therapy.

Your Private Healing Journey

During the Fly-High journey you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into your own healing experience. We invite you to book any of the private sessions (charged separately) bellow:

✰ Our main recommendation is one of the healing sessions (or a package of sessions) with Maya:

◈ Acupunture ◈ Chinese Medicine ◈ Reiki ◈ Energetical Healing

✰ Other private body works offered by the local SPA include:

◈ Ayurvedic massage ◈ Ayurvedic Sauna ◈ Hot stones massage ◈ Tai Massage ◈ And more

✰ Astrology – Learn what the planets have to say about your life

✰ Coaching – Discover how to live your life purpose and dreams as well as and how to create prosperity in your life.

✰ Shamanic Healing – Powerful energetic healing techniques for many issues and conditions in life.

“I’ve traveled a lot in my life and the journey to Alto Paraíso was definitely one of the best. I’m full of gratitude to Alto, to the nature, the crystals, the animals and this unique harmony between all of them and the people. My journey was very empowering, purifying and mind-broadening. Maya and Oryon are amazing trip guides as well as spiritual guides and healers. It is the perfect combination between a vacation and a healing/growth journey. Thank you Fly-High! I will always remember this unforgettable experience.”

Maor S. Chinese Medicine Student – Israel

Pousada São Bento – Our home for the Journey

Pousada Fazenda São Bento is located 10 minutes’ drive from the town of Alto Paraíso and 30 minutes’ drive from the National Park. Fazenda São Bento is a 200-year-old farm that used to be a resting place for gold miners and crystal mining expeditions. Around 20 years ago, it was renovated to become a fully equipped pousada (local hotel) while keeping its authentic vibe.
The huge property of the pousada includes 3 different waterfalls, horses and all the other animals from “Old MacDonald’s song” as well as some exotic ones from Brazil :). The pousada has a variety of rooms, from single rooms to a 5 person apartment, all of them featuring patios with hammocks and free Wifi access.

What’s Included

Roundtrip airfares

Full accomodations

3 meals a day

All transportation

Group activities as they appear in the schedule

Daily yoga practices

Adventure expeditions

Entrance fees to all parks and waterfalls

Professional guides and instructors

What’s Not Included

Beverages and alcohol


Private healing sessions / SPA

Horseback riding

Travel insurance

Visa to Brazil (if using American passport)

Tips for the guides

Fine print you might want to read:

  • All activities included in the journey are not required. You can chose to participate only in what you like and enjoy, even though we invite you to participate in all the activities with us as we designed it to create a certain lasting experience.
  • If you chose not to participate in a certain activity that is included in the package, you cannot request a refund for that specific activity.
  • The schedule is subject to changes according to group requests and mainly due to weather changes.
  • During the raining season (November-May) we enjoy tropical weather that can include heavy rain or tropical storms. We ask you to be patient with the changes it may cause during the journey and flow with whatever the weather brings.
  • Alto Paraíso is not a Luxurious European country. Expect to be comfortable and safe, but be aware that some of our drives will be on dirt roads and the accommodations are not necessarily 5 star hotels.
  • Each participant needs to take care of its own travelling insurance and Visa.

The Fly-High journey is designed for the traveler looking for an extraordinary and authentic experience. Whether you join this journey alone or with a friend, you’re gonna have an amazing time with us in one of the untapped paradises existing in this world.

We can wholeheartedly say this journey has it all. Whether you are looking for a sunny Brazilian vacation or an authentic healing experience of acupuncture next to the waterfall, this journey is going to nourish and recharge you like nothing you ever tried before.

Join us!
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Build Your Own Journey

There are a few ways you can personalize the Fly-High journey to fit you perfectly.

As a participant you can:

Fly-Highers say:

“It was the perfect journey! Insane energy, super tasty organic food and people full of life and happiness. This is a spectacular place with powerful nature. Maya and Oryon are amazing and their hospitality created this beautiful experience. The activities that were added to the journey filled up our lives with spirituality and health in body and soul. Being in Alto was one of the best experiences i had in my travels. I am very grateful and love you all for this adventure.”

Revital K. Economy Student – Israel
  • Build your own healing package while you are participating in the Fly-high journey.
  • Extend your healing process and/or your stay in Alto Paraiso. We will organize your accommodations, build you a map for your travelling or build you a healing package.
  • Extend your stay in Brazil. Brazil is the 5th biggest country in the world, of course there is a lot more to do and to see in this land. We can help you build your journey across Brazil according to your preference, time limit and budget.

For Group Leaders

If you’re interested in bringing your own group to the Fly-High journey, contact us to discuss the followings:

  • Build your own price tag.
  • Build your group size.
  • Chose your activities from the menu:
    • The waterfalls
    • Adventures and extreme sports
    • Restaurants
    • Holistic activities

The Fly-High journey is perfect for:

  • Personal groups
  • Trip organizer companies
  • Companies, organizations and associations – empower your team
  • Yoga centers, schools and groups – yoga retreats
  • Alternative medicine schools and universities

About us – The creators and leaders of Fly-High

Founders of Brazilian retreat experience “Fly High: A trip in nature, A journey in spirt”, husband and wife team Maya and Oryon Load are both healers and teachers who have dedicated their lives to accompanying individuals on their path of personal growth, healing and awakening of the body and soul.
Living, working, and raising their family in Alto Paraíso, Maya and Oryon will guide this journey to ensure an authentic cultural experience, an introduction to various healing modalities, inspirational activities and the best of what nature has to offer.
Oryon and Maya are also the founders of “Casa de Cura” a holistic healing center located in Alto Paraiso.

About Maya

An expert in Chinese medicine and other ancient natural healing modalities, including acupuncture, Maya is dedicated to accompanying individuals on their healing journey in life. Using her background in Chinese medicine to aid in the birthing process, she has along with husband Oryon, created “Casa do Nascer” a birth house for natural holistic births. Maya is also the mother of two beautiful children.

About Oryon

Oryon is a professional coach, therapist and a teacher. He guides Individuals and groups from all over the world on the journey of finding their life purpose, their inner power and abundance. He is the creator of ELEVATE!, an exclusive coaching program that helps people and businesses reach new levels of life and prosperity, as well as workshops such as “Living your Purpose – A roadmap to success”.