Oryon load is an inspiring keynote and a motivational speaker that has the unique ability to combine practical tools and strategies for high performances in life and business together with deep spiritual insights.

In his events he presents, with mastery and humor, his real life story that show us the true power of the human spirit and our ability to totaly change our own reality.

This is a fascinating story about a mysterious disease that paralyzed him into a wheelchair a decade ago and the natural healing process he chose for himself.

After that intense experience, he decided to go ahead and change every aspect of his own life: health, relationships, wealth and business.

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A must see and hear lecture for every person and organization that is
dedicated to empower itself on a personal and professional level.

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✦ The Art of Living

Brasília DF

December 6, 2013

What people say

“Oryon created a deep foundation of all the “ins” and “outs” of the road to success and finding & living your life purpose. Thank you very much for giving all of your energy to spread the best tools for living a fulfilling life.”

Rishan te Voortwis, Raw food and body therapist

“Thank you for revealing so many things i haven’t seen before about my life. Oryon has the gift to guide us through our blocks, transmitting clarity and observation about ourselves.”

Julia Prado, Artist

“I loved learning and believing that if there is a will there is a way! I was very inspired by Oryon Load and his knowledge, He expresses himself very well and surely has a winners attitude.”

Sahar F. Founder at casanoor.net

The Audience

  • Schools and Universities – Empower young people to find their greatness and overcome the challenges in life.
  • Companies and Organizations – Strengthen your managers and teams with the best strategies and tools they need to breakthrough into their next performance and motivation levels.
  • Conferences – Bring cutting edge knowledge and boost your audience’s energy levels.
  • Private Events – Spice up your event with a lecture that will inspire and intrigue your audience.
  • Perfect Fit – Get a free counseling session to create the perfect event for your needs, audiences and goals.


  • The roadmap to success – The main steps and actions.
  • Fear – What is it and how to master it.
  • Turning the coin – Challenges and breakdowns into power and success.
  • Living your purpose – Discover your life purpose and fill your life with passion.
  • Dreams and reality – How to manifest your dreams and achieve outstanding results.
  • Master your emotions – Our inner GPS for success.
  • Co-create – Our ability to create and to chose our own reality consciously.
  • Mastering your mind – How to program winning habits into your mind and life.
  • Limitations – Who set them and how to break them.
  • The secret – The laws of the universe and the secrets of the Kabbalah.

The Goal

  • Inspiring the participants into discovering their inner greatness and their full potential.
  • Revealing tools, strategies and insights for higher goals and better results in life.
  • To spark the inner fire needed to take the first step towards a new goal and dream.
  • To empower the audience to live out loud and take the responsibility of their lives.
  • To awaken people to find their life purpose and the passion that moves them in life.

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