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“Oryon’s teachings and guidance answer all aspects in my life and brings me safely to where I desire. Thanks to this work I am fulfilling myself more and more every day. I have turned issues of low self esteem, stress, exhaustion and lack of focus into new levels of energy, focus and stability. The change was fast and beyond everything I expected! Oryon is an amazing teacher. In his presence help me create a new life. He have so many tools and insights and he knows how to fit the right ones exactly for me.”
Merav Davidson – Chef and Restaurant owner

“I joined ELEVATE! Because I knew, I needed some guidance in my life. Something to inspire me, help me focus and break out from stagnation. The results are amazing! I am positive, energized, focused on the right things and excited about my life. This process definitely works. Oryon is a great guide and extremely knowledgeable in every subject and issue we touch. I absolutely recommend this program as it will benefit everyone in one way or another. Today I feel like there is no limit to anything in life!”
Valdis Arnorsdottir – Makeup Artist

“I was very inspired by Oryon Load and his knowledge about business and finance. I had ideas but couldn’t seem to achieve any results, especially in order to create abundance in my life. I loved learning and believing that if there is a will there is a way! We went through many challenging problems and solved many of them through consistence, discipline and prayer. There was a huge breakthrough in my in-house business “Casa Noor” and it all resulted in much more demand and income. Oryon is extremely knowledgeable and knows what he’s talking about. He expresses himself very well and surely has a winners attitude. It is very inspiring to work with him. For sure I would recommend anyone to invest in Oryon’s coaching to better understand their problems and get over the obstacles that they may encounter. Im very grateful to Oryon for his guidance, his patience, his friendship and the abundance he helped me bring into my life.”
Sahar F. – Founder at casanoor.net

“The business coaching with Oryon showed us how to understand the full picture of our organization as it is today and everything that can be improved. The process helped us review and define our business to set a goal in order to fully express our knowledge and skills to the world, as well as enabled us to elevate our consciousness and self-esteem. It gave us the right marketing tools to understand and reach our ideal clients and proved us that we are capable of making a difference. It is in our hands to do so. Thank you for helping us develop Fada Madrinha.”
Fada Madrinha – Anthroposophic Kindergarten

“The work with Oryon was very inspiring and significant for my self-knowledge and my search for a life with more purpose. He is very knowledgeable and combines coaching strategies with spiritual teachings that really open your mind. I feel something deeply changed within me in a positive way. It gave me clarity and understanding about success and tools to practice in everyday life to reach it. The training was very fulfilling and can help us change any area in our lives. I thank you for the teachings and I wish you lots of success.”
Amanda Ioshisaqui – Product Engineer

The training was excellent and very useful. I discovered that with what i already have today i can already do a lot, and how to successfully replace bad habits that steal my energy with winning ones. Oryon is an excellent trainer, he has a lot of stories to illustrate his teachings, which helps us integrate them. He can also approach the same subject from many different ways and perspectives.”
Adriano Silva – Engineer

“In this workshop I discovered that I have a new path to follow and this is the path that will bring me real happiness. Now i know how can i manifest what’s really important in this journey. I take home with me insights and teachings that are priceless. The teachings were very good and presented with mastery. Thank you for sharing all this knowledge that for sure made me a better being for me and for this planet.”
Simone Vilar – Yoga Teacher

“This workshop deals with all the fundamental areas in life, it is focused and well up to date and necessary to our life style. Oryon is a very precise, lucid and communicative teacher. He demonstrates a lot of knowledge about how to orient and lead people in their search for self-discovery and well being. Im thankful for this event and i wish that god illuminates and blesses you to keep sharing your beautiful life mission. Namaste.”
Eloisa Helena Longhi – Rural Development Analyst

This workshop was a great gift that awakened me and encouraged me to definitely reach my goal, that is, my life purpose. This event provides a great inner dive and at the same time pushes us high and invites us for the healing and realization of our dreams. Oryon has clarity and depth in what he knows and a way to present it that gives us a lot of security and trust. I am a lucky woman and i want to thank you for that.”
Vanusa Freitas – Educator

“Oryon is an amazing coach! I appreciate him and his work very much. He has a lot of knowledge covering all important areas in life, business and personal matters, while having the ability to pass it on in an easily and understandable way. His coaching process is always adjusted to the client’s current situation and their goals. He is a good listener and with his intuition, he knows exactly what is the next step to be done and how to do it. He manages to be honest and supportive at the same time and i always feel inspired after a coaching session. He gives me the feeling, that I have a lot of potential in many different ways. Thanks to his work I have much more self esteem and better relationships. Today i know what i want to do, what is my life purpose, and how can i achieve that. I am very grateful I met him and i am always looking forward to our next session.”
Petra Lödige – Co-founder and CEO at Sunline GmbH

“Oryon is an amazing character. I’ve been working with him for over a year and his enthusiasm and ability to express his knowledge is incredible. He can instantly uplift your mood and energy, and show you how you can easily solve all your problems and truly enjoy your life. His unique ability to combine all the best real life strategies and techniques with the most powerful spiritual values is priceless. Thanks to him, i am a much better and brighter person than i have ever been before. I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to meet him and to be part of his team.”
Timotej V. Rojko – Founder at wingardium.net

“Thank you for revealing so many things i haven’t seen before about my life. Oryon has the gift to guide us through our blocks, transmitting clarity and observation about ourselves. This work inspired me and filled me with strength to really live my professional life and my marriage to the fullest.”
Júlia Prado – Artist

Oryon created a deep foundation of all the “ins” and “outs” of the road to success and finding & living your life purpose. Thank you very much for giving all of your energy to spread the best tools for living a fulfilling life. That was very helpful and empowering.”
Rishan te Voortwis – Raw food and body therapist

“I have done a healing process with Oryon and Maya twice and both times it was an amazing gift. From the moment i met them, i felt i was in good hands and i had complete trust. Thank you so much for your work.”
Anete A.

“Thank you Oryon for the excellent work and congratulations for your professionalism. I felt confident before and very satisfied after the session. Congratulations and thank you.”
Ricardo H. Scheidemantel – Engineer at BNDES

Vanusa Freitas – Educator
Simone Vilar